Sylte Ranch Beef

Family Owned


Jack Sylte here in front of Rathdrum Mountain. We've been raising all natural beef since 1934.

From the Heart


We help bring new life into this world and care for each and every one.

Honest to Goodness


Our animals are fed on 75% local grasses and 25% non-GMO local grains and legumes. We do not use hormones or steroids. We only use antibiotics if an animal is sick. We do not use herbicides or pesticides on our hay crops. 

Locally Connected


We've been serving many of the same local families for over a decade. Our many returning customers testify to the quality of our product. We use family owned Scheffelmaier Meats out of Rose Lake ID for all of our processing.



We raise a breed known as Lim-Flex, a cross between Black Angus and Limousin. "The resulting animal maintains the marbling characteristics of the Angus breed while maximizing the yield, growth and muscle that is unique to Limousin."

Get off the Fence


As of 06/01/19 we have quarters and eighths available for delivery. We also have ground beef for sale by the pound. Call John at 208-687-6699 to get on the next delivery schedule.