All Natural beef from rathdrum idaho


Superior Genetics

We raise a registered Limousin - Black Angus mix called Lim-flex. Known for being lean, as well as it's superior taste and marbling, you won't be disappointed.  

Happy Animals

Our animals are healthy and happy. They have room to roam and always have food. We do not use growth hormones or steroids, we do not use herbicides or pesticides on our crops, they eat 50/50 local grasses as well as local non GMO barley and local legumes. If we didn't use fertilizer on our crops we could register as organic. That's not a practical change for us to make. Our product is as healthy and natural as possible.

Happy Customers

There's good reason our customers come back year after year.  The product is tasty, healthy, local, and delivered right to your door. 

Quarters and Eighths

A few quarters are available as of 3/28/19. Freshly cut and double plastic wrapped for a family of two, these are ready for delivery at any time. Prices range from $780-900, call or text for more details. Eighths are also available for $400-$500. You will get a variety of cuts such as sirloin steaks, skirt steaks, ribs, chuck roast, chuck steaks, New York steaks, ribeye steaks, flat iron steaks, rump roasts, top round steaks, soup bones, stew meat, etc... and ground beef comes with that as well, typically 40-50%.

Ground Beef by the Pound

Grilling season is upon us! Our ground beef is lean and tasty., and despite what some may say, this lean beef does not fall apart on the grill. I will deliver a minimum of 15 pounds to your door for free at a price of $5.60 per pound. And if you order a hundred pounds that price drops to $5 our pound.

Contact Us

Call or text John for more information at 208-687-6699