Sylte Ranch
Rathdrum, Idaho 
Sylte Beef

We have been raising cattle in North Idaho for 3 generations.  We are proud of our Limousins which we first introduced to our herd 40 years ago and believe to be some of the finest in the U.S.  It is with pride that we share our hard work with you.  We keep and feed only the best and hope you enjoy.


Sylte Limousin Beef is raised free of hormones and antibiotics from our farm to your freezer.  Grasses, hay and grains are all natural and produced locally.  Our animals are cared for humanely in comfortable and natural surroundings.  Since our cow-calf herd is only about 40 adult animals, each one is known as an individual to us, and their health and progress is carefully monitored.


Limousin cattle have a 20,000 year history of producing lean, low-fat beef.  Their heritage can be traced back to ancient cave drawings near the Limoges region of France (their native homeland) depicting animals with color and conformation similar to modern day LimousinInitially imported to America in 1968, the breed has grown to be the Continental Breed of Choice in the United States, thanks largely to their natural genetic ability to “trim the fat.”

Allowed to mature gradually and aged to ensure tenderness and flavor, Sylte Limousin Beef is at least 50% genetically leaner than other choice beef products.  Several cuts of Limousin beef are greater than 95% fat free.  It contains no more cholesterol than chicken….even roast chicken without the skin….pork or any other meats.  It is also important to note that half of the fatty acids in lean beef are monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy type found in olive oil.

With low levels of fat and cholesterol, 
Limousin beef is perfectly suited for today’s health conscious consumer who still demands a high quality.   Research conducted by 
Iowa State University comparing Limousin beef to other Choice beef ranked it above its competition in tenderness and juiciness with equal flavor and palatability.  Several branded beef programs featuring lean products rely onLimousin genetics to supply their demands and satisfy their customers.               

One 3 oz serving of lean Limousin beef (179 calories) constitutes less than 10% of a 2000 calorie diet yet provides a daily value of Protein (51%), Zinc (38%), B12 (37%), Selenium (26%), Niacin (17%), B6 (15%), Iron (14%) and Riboflavin (12%).  Corn used in the growing and finishing ration provides superior flavor; however, prices have more than doubled due to the increased demand for bio-diesels.

We are currently taking orders for quarters that will be ready August 2016

Approximate hanging wt. 170-200# before boning and trimming

Our Premium Ground Beef  includes choice cuts such as round, arm and chuck NOT the same as ordinary hamburger!  We find this to be an extremely versatile product that many people are comfortable cooking. 

Specialty meats such as Jerky, German Sausage, Pepperoni, or  Jalepeno/Cheese Summer Sausage available on custom orders for an additional charge

Call for custom packages other than a quarter or half

2016 Prices are $4.45 per # hanging weight which includes kill fee, all processing, cutting, wrapping and local delivery. Call or text John at 208-687-6699.  

What makes this beef superior to that I will find over the counter?

1) It is aged a minimum of 14 days while other beef is processed as soon as it is cooled within 24-48 hours.
2) Our animals are processed in a humane, quiet manner to reduce stress.
3) They are less than 18 months of age while feedlot animals may be in excess of 2 years of age and, in the case of ground beef, perhaps old cows or bulls.
4) Their ration is controlled and they do not have to compete for food or space like feedlot animals.
5) These are beef animals not dairy animals and have better quality muscling.  Dairy animals make up a huge portion of the retail market and were never intended to provide the same quality.

Have these animals had antibiotics, hormones, steroids or animal by-products?
NO, NO, NO, NO and NO.

Will I get only my own meat in the ground beef?
YES.  All of the meat will be only from your animal.  You will also be able to select the fat content of your ground beef when you talk to the butcher about your custom order.  Some include the cheaper cuts like the round and shoulder in the ground beef since many people use more of this than other cuts.  

What if I don't know anything about how I should have my quarter cut?
Our butcher will guide you through the process when you visit with him. For example, you can select the thickness of steaks and the number in a package as well as the size of roasts.  We do have a standard cut if you aren't comfortable with that process.



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