Sylte Ranch
Rathdrum, Idaho 

The Sylte Ranch was established in the 1930's when John E. (Jack) Sylte and his brothers Chet, Orv, Vern, and Al escaped the hot and dust of Loyalton South Dakota by jumping on a train. As the story goes, the doors opened in Newport Washington where horses were knee deep in mud and the brothers proclaimed, this was the spot! The brothers went on to marry and have children of their own, many in the Rathdrum area. Jack and Evelyn called the ranch home and raised their four children Joan, Gordon, Deanna and Deanda. Jack ran cattle on the Sylte Ranch until his death in 1985. Today Gordon Sylte, his wife Susan Goodrich, and son John continue to raise cattle and grow hay on the Sylte Ranch. We are proud to be carrying the family business into the 21st century!

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